Courtesy / Honesty / Integrity / Perserverence / Self Control / Indomitable Spirit

Perin's Taekwondo Center 

Respect / Courtesy / Integrity / Perserverence

Welcome Perin's Taekwondo Center!
Please review the information on these pages!

  • Students should arrive at least a few minutes before class starts so that they will be ready to line up and bow in for class with the other students.
  • Students should stretch and practice their Poomse / Forms and other technique prior to the start of class rather than goof off and waste time.
  • Students need to greet their Instructor and other Senior Belts and fellow students prior to the start of class.
  • If a student arrives after class has begun, they should stand quietly next to the training floor and wait for their Instructor to give them permission to step onto the training floor and join class.
  • Clean uniforms should be warn to each class. Please do not use bleach when washing uniforms, it tends to cause the uniform to become grayish over time.
  • Belts should never be washed.
  • PTC Texas T Shirts may be worn to normal classes but not to testing or promotions. Please do not wear any other T Shirts to class.

Students need to learn to tie their own belts.

Belts should circle the student's waist twice and then finish in a square knot.

  • Students will receive cards with their name on the card.
  • Students should find their cards in the card rack and place their cards in the card basket when they come to the studio and attend class.
  • We use the cards to track attendance. Students need to have attended a minimum of 23 classes including 3 sparring classes in order to be eligible to test for their next belt rank.
  • Students will learn and practice the different techniques listed on their card. When they are able to properly demonstrate the technique to an Instructor or Senior Belt they will get that technique signed off. Students will also need to have their cards signed off prior to testing for their next belt rank.
  • Students should be encouraged to make good choices at the studio, at home and at school. Parents will need to sign off on these items before the student is eligible to move up to the next rank.