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Courtesy / Honesty / Integrity / Perserverence / Self Control / Indomitable Spirit

Perin's Taekwondo Center 

Respect / Courtesy / Integrity / Perserverence

Korean Terms

Tae Kwon Do    Literally: Tae (foot) Kwon (hand) Do (way) or  “Foot, Hand Way”.

Also means “The art of kicking and punching”.

Studio, Uniform, Gear

Doe-bawk  =  uniform

Doejang     =  studio

Ho-goo      = chest protector


Chee-ut      =  attention

Coon-ya     =  bow

Chun-bee   =  ready stance

Primary stances

Choogle-jawsee  =  front stance

Hoogle-jawsee    =  cat stance

Keema-jawsee    =  horseback stance

Darren-jawsee    =  fighting stance

Front Stance

Hawdon-mawkie = down defense

Choon-don-koonk-i-o = middle attack (punch)

Sawdon-mawkie = upper defense

Sawdon-koonk-i-o = high attack (punch)

Packarrow-mawkie = outside defense

A-narrow-mawkie  = inside defense

Cat Stance

Yap-mawkie = side middle defense

Hawdon-suedo = knife hand down (open hands)

Choon-don-suedo = knife hand middle

Hawdon-sansue  = double down (fists)

Choon-don-sansue = double middle

Horse Stance

Hwen-jen =  horseback stance middle attack

Basic Kicks

Up-chuggy  = front kick

Yup-chuggy = side kick

Toyo-chuggy = swing kick

Tee-chuggy  = back kick

Sliding Kicks

Goo-la Up-chuggy  = sliding front kick

Goo-la Yup-chuggy = sliding side kick

Goo-la Toyo-chuggy = sliding swing kick

Goo-la Tee-chuggy  = sliding back kick

Running Jump Kicks

Edon Up-chuggy  = running jump front kick

Edon Yup-chuggy =  running jump side kick

Edon Toyo-chuggy = running jump swing kick

Edon Tee-chuggy  = running jump back kick

Counting in Korean

1  Hon-ah

2  Doahl

3  Set

4  Net

5  Daw-set

6  Yoh-set

7  Ill-cub

8  Ya-dough

9  Ah-ahp

10  Yo