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Perin's Taekwondo Center 

Respect / Courtesy / Integrity / Perserverence

When people ask me why my son is so AWESOME in his other sports including football, I tell them it is because of his Tae Kwon Do training at Perin's Tae Kwon Do Center in Melissa!
Jennifer S

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"Perin's Taekwondo Center has been a wonderful experience for my grandsons. It has boosted their self-esteem and self-confidence while promoting discipline and respect. Master Perin, you are a positive role model for everyone who attends!"

Karen C

Mike, what a an honor and a privilege to be associated with this great cause we call " fitness and health!. It is truly a movement in this Global village we live in!! As a byproduct myself and someone who has lost 66 pounds and kept it off for over 2 years!!!!! Am speaking from experience that anything is possible if you put your mind into it. That's why I love PTC Core values and principles ! Mike, not only are you teaching Martial arts, but you are changing the world with one student at a time!. As my coach and mentor, you have taught me some human development technologies and I have learnt that "to be excellent at anything "requires hard work, determination and having fun while doing it! You are doing what you have been created to do in this life. You have found your passion and your purpose!!! Keep up the great work!!! Blessings always!
Julie G

"Master Perin is the best Martial Arts Instructor that we have ever had!"

Becky W

4 months ago
My family has gone to PTC for awhile now. We all love it and it is great exercise! It has given my kids endurance for other sports, kept them active, and their manners have improved! I have gone down a whole dress size since starting and gained ...More
4 months ago
PTC has given my son the confindence and disipline that he needs. We have been going there for almost 2 years and loving every minute of it. My son has wanted to work hard to reach the next belt. My husband and I go to cardio kickboxing and they ...More
11 months ago
I had my first experience with Perin's Tae Kwon Do last night and it was so great! I debated trying it for a long time because I can be very timid, and I've always found it difficult to work out in front of others. However, this was just what I ...More
4 months ago
Perin's Tae Kwon Do Center is the best TKD program I have seen in North Texas. My daughter has been in the program for almost 6 months and absolutely loves it. Mike and Chris Perin are amazing. They really know how to motivate the student to ...More
4 months ago
My family and I have been students at Perin's Tae Kwon Do Center now for about 2 years. Let me say it has been wonderful. The other students and instructors are awesome. They challenge you to be better and do more, but yet encourage us to have a ...More
4 months ago
Learning with Family, like to know that not only is it helping with reinforcing manners and respect of and to others, but that also helps my kids gain the security of knowing how to protect themselves and others if they had to. Helping to build ...More
4 months ago
I'm a 37 year old wife and mom who is employed full time, I'm also in a band and play roller derby, along with taking my 2 daughters to band, theater, gymnastics, power tumbling and cheerleading, I don't have a lot of what some people call EXTRA ...More
4 months ago
Perin's Tae Kwon Do is a great place to bring your family. We have achieved so much through this center and when my mother had a stroke last year they have been there for her, helping her get back on track. We attend cardio-kickboxing, home ...More
3 months ago
Our son loves the experience. It has helped his physical condition, coordination, and confidence. He has a really good time there. Perin's is awesome!
3 months ago
Mike and his family are a great group of instructors!! Young and old alike can learn and grow in this family friendly school. I highly recommend checking them out, you won't be disappointed.
4 months ago-
Monthly tuition: $125 (a great value!!) Tae Kwon Do uniforms: $25 Belt testing fee: $50 Equipping your child, or self, with the confidence and skills to be successful in life and accomplish amazing short-term and long-term goals: PRICELESS