Courtesy / Honesty / Integrity / Perserverence / Self Control / Indomitable Spirit

Perin's Taekwondo Center 

Respect / Courtesy / Integrity / Perserverence

Help each other, protect each other, support each other!!

Perin's Taekwondo Center is re-opening for in-person classes starting Monday, May 18th!! We are offering re-opening consultations for our students and families to that we can help answer questions about the re-opening process and expansion of our hours to help provide smaller class sizes as needed. Contact us for more information.

During this time, our school is currently offering streaming online classes for our students.

Please tune into our Online classes on Mondays, Wednesdays  at 5 and 6 PM and Fridays at 6 PM  by going to our PTC Texas students and families Facebook page.