Courtesy / Honesty / Integrity / Perserverence / Self Control / Indomitable Spirit

Perin's Taekwondo Center 

Respect / Courtesy / Integrity / Perserverence

Help each other, protect each other, support each other!!

During this time, our school is currently offering streaming online classes for our students but hope and expect to be able to offer classes at our school again very soon!

Please tune into our Online classes on Mondays, Wednesdays  at 5 and 6 PM and Fridays at 6 PM  by going to our PTC Texas students and families Facebook page. 

Daily Challenges for Today!

Practice at least ONE form 5 times today. But here is the deal. Practice SLOWLY but with each movement as hard, fast and explosively as possible. (Make sure that you warm up before this and stretch too!)

Practice Hook / Uppercut combo 30 times starting with Right uppercut and then 30 times using Left uppercut! Post the videos! I assigned this yesterday but have not seen any videos posted!

Let's work on these punching drills today!

Online Streaming class will be on Sparring and Sparring concepts March 27th, 2020
Please tune in to watch and learn more about how to become better at Sparring.
We will discuss using Hand Fakes, Body Fakes, Punch-Punch Kick combos, and the importance of using Front Leg kicks.
In addition, we will discuss the difference between Sport Taekwondo Sparring and actual fighting in real life. 

For our Advanced Students Green Belt and above, we have been focusing on increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of our Self Defense responses. 

Advanced students are encouraged to review the videos posted on our previously mentioned Facebook page and also post their own videos showing how they are using the concepts that we have been discussing in class.

Please check in with us for your Daily Challenges, your homework for the week and also to review your techniques and forms using our videos posted to our  PTC Texas students and families Facebook page. 

As a group we are focusing on strength building and increasing the accuracy and effectiveness of our techniques. Junior Belt students are encouraged to do all of their homework and also use our online forms videos to learn their NEXT form! Let's get ahead of the game during this time!