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How it works at our school

We have different training packages to suit the needs of most families

You can choose 1 class per week , 2 classes per week or our Standard Unlimited Class plan

Our options are designed to work with most families schedule and budget!


We help students live happier healthier lives!

We help our students replace Fear

with Confidence and Courage!

We help students learn how to turn Stumbling Blocks into Building Blocks!


Students use those Building Blocks to create a Foundation of strength as the build their own staircase to the next levels of Life!

We teach our students important Self Defense and Anti-Bullying Skills! 

We believe children should not have to live in fear!

We teach Traditional Korean Style Tae Kwon Do in a FUN and Family Friendly environment!


Students learning Defense and Striking techniques and Advanced Students learn additional Advanced techniques and styles

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